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Love Detroit was birthed out of the burning heart of God for day and night intimacy and mission. God wants us to know Him and spend time with Him (intimacy), and out of the overflow of knowing who He is and who He says we are, we pour ourselves out into our neighbors and cities (mission). This is a divine movement of the convergence of the Great Commandments (to love God and to love people) and the Great Commission (to preach the gospel and make disciples).

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Love Detroit FAQs (frequently asked questions)

  • What is Love Detroit?
    • Love Detroit is a ministry with a heart for intimacy with the Father. We believe that when you behold the Father, you will get His heart for the world. When you spend time in the secret place in prayer and worship, the Father’s love will compel you into outreach and mission. This is our heart.

      Love Detroit is a ministry that partners with other Pastors, ministries, and communities to reach neighborhoods with the Gospel. We believe that outreach becomes much more fruitful and powerful when backed with unending prayer and adoration of the Father.

      Love Detroit shows this heart in the city of Detroit and beyond in a few different ways.

      The yearly event, Love Detroit 2017, is two weeks of 24/7 prayer and worship combined with 24/7 evangelism. Starting with a launch event and closing in celebration, prayer and worship will continue constantly for two weeks at the Firebase while teams of messengers are sent out every six hours.

      Our vision is to see a Firebase established in the city of Detroit. We wouldn’t stop with just 24/7 worship and prayer, but we’d combine it with outreach. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because Jesus is worthy!

  • When is Love Detroit 2017?
    • Love Detroit 2017 is May 7th – 21st!

      Weekly outreaches are happening now and information on those can be found on the Go page of our website.

  • Why are we doing this?
    • Because HE is worthy. Faithful laborers in Detroit have been sowing their time, prayer, and ministry efforts to see His name glorified in a city many have deemed hopeless. We want to come alongside one another as believers in Christ to see lasting change for His Kingdom.

  • Who is running the event?
    • Love Detroit is made possible by God through several full and part-time missionaries, church/ministry partners, and volunteers, from Detroit and various cities throughout the nation. We’re a small group of Jesus followers with a big assignment from God. If you know God wants you to join us in the mission, we’d love to hear from you at info@lovedetroit247.com – this is going to take the whole body!

  • Where is Love Detroit?
    • Love Detroit 2017’s spring location in Detroit, Michigan is TBD.

      Our weekly outreaches are located all around the city. Check our Go page for more information.

  • Is registration required for Love Detroit 2017?
    • ALL participants, regardless of participation level, are required to register online. If you have not done so already, please click “Registration” at the top of the site to sign up.

  • How much does it cost to participate?
    • Registration for Love Detroit is free. You will need spending money to cover meals and any other sleeping or traveling expenses outside of outreaches.

      Donations are welcomed and appreciated, as Love Detroit is funded solely from monetary gifts. Tax-deductible donations can be given on our website by clicking the Donate tab at the top of the page.

      T-shirts and sweatshirts are available for donations at the event, or by request before the event!

  • When am I supposed to arrive for Love Detroit 2017?
    • Participants can check-in anytime after 12pm on the Saturday before LD 17 begins, May 6th. Worship, prayer, and outreaches will be taking place 24hrs a day at the Firebase until May 21st at 6pm, so you can come and go at any time.

      If you are participating in an outreach, please arrive a few minutes before the 6-hour outreach begins (prior training required!). Outreaches start 9am, 3pm, 9pm, and 3am.

  • Who can participate in Love Detroit events and outreach?
    • All lovers of Jesus who have a heart for the Kingdom of God to be advanced in the city of Detroit.

  • Do you have to be a part of a specific denomination?
    • No. We believe God is calling members of His body from various churches, denominations, ministries, cities, and walks of life to partner in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the city of Detroit.

  • Can I come from another city/state/region?
    • Yes. Everyone is welcome! Housing will be available at the Firebase. Please register online for next steps!

  • Can children participate Love Detroit 2017?
    • Families and children of all ages are encouraged to participate in Love Detroit; however, parental discretion is advised for evangelism outreaches. Children 12 and under do not need to register.

  • Can I choose to only participate for part of the two weeks of Love Detroit 2017?
    • Yes. We encourage you to seek the Father’s heart on your involvement in Love Detroit, participating in as much as you feel led. Whether you come for the whole week, one activity a day, a couple hours in the prayer and worship room, or simply through your donations to help make this ministry a possibility – we encourage you to sign up.

  • Can I pick and choose which activities I participate in during Love Detroit 2017?
    • We believe God has uniquely gifted His body to function in different areas of operation, but with equal importance (1 Cor. 12). If you have a heart for the lost, a passion for worship, serving, or a burning desire to raise up prayers as incense to the Father, we believe you have a part to play in Love Detroit.

      Register online so you can create your own activities schedule.

  • Is training required for outreach and Love Detroit 2017?
    • Yes. For our weekly outreaches and our yearly event, Love Detroit 2017, one training session is required for all who wish to participate in outreaches, and it’s highly encouraged for all participants. Please contact us at info@lovedetroit247.com to inquire about our trainings, or if you’re interested in hosting an Evangelism Training at your church.

  • Where are the outreaches for Love Detroit 2017?
    • The specific outreach locations are still being determined, but transportation will be provided from the Firebase. All messengers will meet at the Firebase before and after each outreach to brief and debrief. Your on-site outreach leaders will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have for each outreach.