Messenger Boot Camp 01 (March-April 2017) registration

Messenger Boot Camp is an eight week intensive on developing intimacy with God and learning how to partner with the Holy Spirit in the Great Commission.  This messenger boot camp will start on Saturday, March 4th in the Detroit. Messenger Boot Camp is a serious commitment of approximately 20-30 hours per week.

Participants will be asked to make the following commitments.

  1. Attend all Saturday training (9a-6p) which includes extended times of worship, teaching, lunch outreaches and practical exercises;
  2. Spend 1-2 hours with the Lord each day
  3. Fast one day per week
  4. Participate in outreach one time per week
  5. Complete homework assignments
  6. Be part of a local church
  7. Complete the graduation outreach

Those who complete all commitments will be commissioned at a special service at the end of the graduation outreach.

Messenger Boot Camp is designed to be an immersion experience that changes the way you live and allows you to experience the Kingdom of God as a lifestyle.

There is no charge for Messenger Boot Camp.  We will take weekly offerings until we cover our costs but you are not required to pay to come whether you are going through the entire eight (8) week training or auditing one day or more.

The graduation outreach for this Messenger Boot Camp will be a 14 day mission trip combining 24/7 worship, prayer and outreach to Detroit which is May 7-24th.  you can find out more about the Love Detroit outreach and register at HERE



Boot Camp Registration

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